Tablane 1.7

The original multi-lane browser

Tablane is a browser for people who need to find, keep and share information from the Internet. Tablane helps you search, compare, collect, share and organize Internet resources in ways you may not have experienced before with other browsers, even those with tabs.

  • Are you looking for a tabbed browser that’s really fast?
  • Would you like to look at several Web pages side by side?
  • Bookmarks not enough for your references?
  • What about saving documents, clippings or pictures?
  • Would you like to edit Web pages in your browser to use on-line or in documents?
  • Do you want to share Internet research more easily?
  • Would you like to compare Google with other search engines?

If the answer to all these questions is yes then Tablane is the browser for you.

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Tablane 1.7

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